Nieuws: Waze geeft 10x iPod Touch weg!

Hieronder het bericht van de Waze site: ’t komt er in het kort op neer, je kan met navigeren paaseieren en paaspresentjes vinden op en om je route. Door deze op te sparen, en complete sets van 5 te maken maak je kans op een iPod Touch!

Remember the fun you had participating in easter egg hunts as a kid? Well, now’s the time to reenact those happy memories out on the road with Waze’s Easter Roadgoodie Hunt. Grab the kiddies (if you have any) and hit the road with the intention to collect the full set of five goodies. For each complete set you munch, you’ll get one raffle ticket for your chance to win a brand new iPod Touch! We’re giving away 10 of ‘em, so the chances are pretty sweet this time around…

Here’s how to participate:

  • Download the newest version of Waze by visiting the iPhone Appstore, the Android Market, or your device’s app store.
  • Make sure you’re a registered user with a valid email address on file – you can check or update this under ‘Settings’
  • Then simply munch as many road goodies as you can! This time around we have bunnies (5 pts.), Easter baskets (8 pts.), blue eggs (10 pts.), pink eggs (20 pts.) and the slightly more elusive golden eggs (25 pts.). Note that the more points each goodie is worth, the more rare it will be on the map.
  • For each complete set of five you’ll be awarded one raffle ticket. There is no limit to the amount of complete sets (and therefore raffle tickets) that you can rack up for yourself. Be aware that after munching one kind of road goodie, you can collect the same roadgoodie again and it will count towards your next set.
  • At the end of the game, we’ll conduct a raffle among all eligible users, and will give away 10 brand new iPods (Touch 8GB).

During the contest, if you’d like a status update to better know where you stand, simply log onto the ‘My Dashboard’ section of the Waze website to see:

  • How many complete sets of 5 you have
  • How many days are left in the contest
  • How many goodies are needed to complete your next set of 5 – and which roadgoodies those are. The hig

The easiest and safest way to visit your dashboard is on (for US and Canada) or (for anywhere else in the world), and we recommend logging into your dashboard from a computer, rather than from your smartphone. Note that you’ll need to log in to the dashboard using your waze username and password. If you don’t remember your username, check under Settings>Profile in the Waze app for that information – you can also register there if you haven’t done so already. ‘My Dashboard’ is also the place to update your email address if it has changed since the time that you initially registered with us. Lastly, if you don’t recall your password, visit

That’s about it!

We’ll let you guys go for the gold all the way through Sunday, April 24th, and we’ll draw the winners and announce them here on the blog, April 25th. Hope you have lotsa fun out there searching for bunnies, baskets and eggs and feel free to let us know what you think about this new kind of contest in the comments section below…enjoy!

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